What to do when you're bored:

  1. wax the cieling
  2. rearrange political campaign signs
  3. sharpen your teeth
  4. braid your dog's hair
  5. clean and polish your belly button
  6. water your dog...see if it grows
  7. wash a tree
  8. dress up like a knight
  9. scare stephen king
  10. give your cat a mohawk
  11. pur
  12. play cd's backwards
  13. play records backwards
  14. mow your carpet
  15. vacuum your lawn
  16. sleep on a bed of nails
  17. boil ice cream
  18. run around in squares
  19. say the word "quadruple" a lot
  20. x-ray your pillow
  21. drink straight shots...of water
  22. calmly have a nervous breakdown
  23. give your goldfish a perm
  24. give your goldfish a haircut
  25. fly a brick
  26. play freeze tag...in a dark alley in L.A.
  27. exercise with a ghost
  28. be blue
  29. be red
  30. be orange
  31. plant a shoe
  32. sweat
  33. put a gerbil in a CAT scanner
  34. turn around
  35. write a letter to plato
  36. mail it
  37. take your sofa for a walk
  38. start something
  39. stop it
  40. call 911 and breathe heavily
  41. go to a funeral...tell jokes
  42. play the piano with mittens on
  43. sit
  44. stay
  45. water your living room
  46. cause a power failure
  47. roll over
  48. play dead
  49. find a witch
  50. donate someone who gets on your nerves's body to science
  51. ask why all the time
  52. sleep-walk without sleeping
  53. send an email to a demon
  54. wonder
  55. learn square roots
  56. ask stupid questions
  57. weld your car doors shut
  58. vacation 13 miles away from your house
  59. surf...in Ohio
  60. teach your pet rock to play dead
  61. go bowling with a deer
  62. be a monk...for 1 day
  63. wear a sweatband to a wedding
  64. staple
  65. run away
  66. intimidate a piece of chalk
  67. mess up your house's plumbing
  68. bend a florescent light
  69. bend a brick
  70. annoy total strangers
  71. believe in santa claus
  72. throw marshmallows at the wall
  73. hold an ice cube as long as possible
  74. blow up a balloon until it pops
  75. sing soft and sweet
  76. sing loud and sour
  77. record it
  78. open everything
  79. balance a pencil on your nose
  80. pour milk in your shoes
  81. graffiti under a rug
  82. embarass yourself
  83. grind your teeth
  84. chew ice
  85. sit on a chair
  86. stack crumbs
  87. gesture
  88. save your toenail clippings
  89. punt
  90. go out with youyr blender
  91. make up words that start with x
  92. make oatmeal
  93. search for a city made of gold
  94. chew on a sofa cushion
  95. sing a duet...with a stuffed cat
  96. balance a pillow on your head
  97. hold your breath
  98. faint
  99. stretch
  100. throw stuff at your mailman
  101. teach a tasmanian devil english
  102. learn to speak french
  103. swear in Japanese
  104. use an eraser until it goes away
  105. dissassemble a car
  106. put it back together...inside out
  107. record your walls
  108. interview your feet
  109. make a list of your favorite fungi
  110. sell hydrogen
  111. repeat step 110
  112. repeat what people say
  113. fade away
  114. file your teeth
  115. loosen the lug nuts on your dad's new car
  116. drop your cat off your roof and see if it lands on all four feet
  117. count the bags under paris hilton's eyes
  118. unscrew all the lightbulbs in your house
  119. rearange the furniture
  120. found a school that teaches kids how to build uranium bombs
  121. dress like motley crue...surprise your grandfather
  122. go into a bar and ask for milk
  123. learn everything you can about the roman empire
  124. make a drive thru window at a local bank where the wasn't one before
  125. walk on water...but don't get caught!!
  126. confess to a crime...that never happened
  127. be in the wrong place at the right time
  128. plot the overthrow of your schoolboard
  129. flood a CIA building
  130. discover the source of the Mississippi
  131. search for burried treasure...in Nebrska
  132. hot wax the bottom of your mom's dress shoes
  133. drink as much apple juice as you possibly can
  134. write a book about your previous life
  135. serve ping-pong balls...as jawbreakers
  136. jump up and down...on your alarm clock
  137. make a quilt out of used napkins
  138. feed your stereo
  139. carve your gurlfriend's initials...in a marshmallow
  140. drive the speed limit...in your garage
  141. sing the national anthem...during your math test
  142. pay off the national debt...with a bad check
  143. go to a cemetery and cuss out dead people
  144. defend your neighborhood...from the cat army
  145. recite romantic poetry...to your toaster
  146. build a nuclear device in your basement
  147. build a nuclear device in your attic
  148. go to McDonalds and pretend you can't speak english
  149. write to your senators and president telling the them what a good job they're doing...on April 1st
  150. find the heat capacity of your teacher
  151. take apart all your major kitchen appliances...mix and match them
  152. watch your TV upside down
  153. phone in a death threat on president Kennedy
  154. put lighted EXIT signs on all your closets
  155. carry a note...drop it,see if it breaks
  156. buy a planner...but don't tell your parents
  157. play hockey with your little cousin...as the puck
  158. talk to a demon
  159. keep your fingers crossed
  160. put instant concrete in someon's water bed
  161. give a leture on the historical significance of cream cheese
  162. debate polotics with a fern
  163. debate polotics with a spore
  164. see how small you can scrunch your face
  165. whine
  166. rake your carpet
  167. re-elect Ronald Regon
  168. become the President of the 3M company
  169. listen to a painting
  170. by every little house on the prarie book and sell them for twice as much
  171. play with matches
  172. exercise with your cat
  173. race ferrets
  174. paint your house...yellow-orange
  175. have a formal dinner in Camelot
  176. learn greek
  177. read greek poems and books
  178. change your mind about something
  179. watch the sun...see if it moves
  180. build a pyramid
  181. sell it
  182. buil another ptramid
  183. stand on your head
  184. stand on someone else's head
  185. spit shine your nikes
  186. see how long you can stay awake
  187. see how long you can sleep
  188. paint your teeth
  189. wear a salad
  190. talk to a goblin
  191. fall asleep in a tree
  192. paint stripes on a lake
  193. go skiing in Kansas
  194. kill an action figure
  195. test thin ice...with a pogo stick
  196. apply for a unicorn hunting license
  197. crawl
  198. have dinner with a troll
  199. have dinner with a will-o-the wisp
  200. paint your windows
  201. watch a watch until it stops
  202. throw something at a goldfish
  203. paint
  204. flirt with an evergreen
  205. smile
  206. rotate your garden...daily
  207. paint a smile
  208. repeat step 207
  209. shoot a firehydrant
  210. apologize to it
  211. pretend you're blind
  212. annoy yourself
  213. get mad at yourself
  214. talk to yourself
  215. stop talking to yourself
  216. ride a bicycle...up Mt. McKinley
  217. duck
  218. redecorate...your garage
  219. develop something complex
  220. go to http://evildiaries.synthasite.com
  221. join my army
  222. repeat step 219
  223. punch your deck
  224. put leg-warmers on yuor furniture
  225. repeat step 223
  226. cut your deck
  227. crumple a piece of paper
  228. crumple a rock
  229. reinact all of shakspeare's plays
  230. skydive to school
  231. cheer up a potato
  232. do aerobics exercises...in your head
  233. play blackjack...with your swimming pool
  234. put thumbtacks in your driveway
  235. kick the firehydrant
  236. harness chimpmunck power
  237. build a house with ice cubes
  238. call Norway for a taxi
  239. beat up a stop sign
  240. change your name...weekly
  241. go for a walk...in your attic
  242. challenge your neighbor to a duel
  243. build a house out of toothpicks
  244. howl
  245. wear a lampshade on your head
  246. read the dictionary
  247. memorize the B section of the dictionary
  248. stomp grapes in your bathtub
  249. find a bug and chase it
  250. find a bug in your house and banish it
  251. make yourself a pair of wings
  252. dance til' you drop
  253. check under the seats at a movie theater for money
  254. squash a loaf of bread
  255. moo
  256. bounce a potato
  257. run faster than your shadow
  258. climb the walls
  259. appreciate a bunch of stuff
  260. challenge yourself to a duel
  261. throw apples at a NASA space center
  262. tatoo your dresser
  263. watch a bowling ball
  264. buy diapers
  265. eat something
  266. repeat step 265
  267. pour milk in the sink
  268. make cottage cheese
  269. tie-dye your bed sheets
  270. carpet your cieling
  271. hold your ears
  272. fold your ears
  273. flap
  274. sqwauk
  275. have a conversation with a cup of tea
  276. tear apart the koran
  277. research India
  278. award yourself a nobel peace prize
  279. put paper clips on your cats tail
  280. turn on everyhting
  281. drop pebbles down the chimney
  282. kill a plant
  283. buy a 1952 almanac
  284. memorize the weather section
  285. think about yourself
  286. blow bubbles
  287. send chills down your spine
  288. peel grapes
  289. make paper from the skins
  290. gloat
  291. put something in a CAT scanner
  292. repeat step 291
  293. get ran over by a train of thought
  294. make up a famous saying
  295. pite your pinkie
  296. get your dog braces
  297. shave a shrub
  298. have a proton fight
  299. watch a car rust
  300. quiver
  301. rotate your carpet
  302. learn to type...with your toes
  303. set up a christmas tree...in August
  304. be someone special
  305. buy a bridge
  306. take it apart
  307. mail the parts to a friend
  308. repeat steps 305 and 306
  309. repeat step 307
  310. memorize a series of 10 random numbers
  311. read the 1957 Des Moines white pages
  312. become a citizen of a foriegn country
  313. learn sanskrit
  314. be very existant
  315. print counterfit money from India
  316. kick a cabbage
  317. take a picture
  318. tape it to something
  319. sandpaper a mushroom
  320. play solitaire...for cash
  321. play minesweeper for cash
  322. abuse your patio furniture
  323. run for pope
  324. count to a million...fast
  325. make a schematic drawing...of a rock
  326. commit homicide...with a piece of paper
  327. revert
  328. think thoughts
  329. polish your chuck taylors
  330. contemplate a cockroach
  331. get a dog to chase your car
  332. let him catch it
  333. kill the czar
  334. form a political party
  335. climb a sidewalk
  336. make someone in your political party run for mayor
  337. draw a diagonal line
  338. repeat step 337
  339. ride a loaf of bread
  340. sharpen a carrot
  341. interrogate a gerbil
  342. go bow hunting for chryslers
  343. go bow hunting for toyotas
  344. kidnap cabage patch kids
  345. jump backwards
  346. play to lose
  347. scalp a street light
  348. have your car painted...plaid
  349. read a tomato
  350. become an expert at sleeping
  351. watch a game show...take notes!
  352. put out afire
  353. make a fire if you can't find one
  354. interview a cloud
  355. play tiddlywinks
  356. play basketball...in a minefield
  357. don't talk to things
  358. draw pictures on your cieling
  359. have your cat bronzed
  360. turn your gerbil silver
  361. write a book about writing books
  362. create random equations
  363. mispell words
  364. tell your feet a joke
  365. repeat step 364
  366. throw a tomato into a fan
  367. sing the ABC's song backwards
  368. pretend you're a dog
  369. call 1-800-luckygambler and argue with whoever picks up the phone
  370. prank phone call danny cline
  371. grease the doorknobs
  372. play with string
  373. stack furniture
  374. relive fond memories
  375. tie your shoelaces together
  376. gargle
  377. count your teeth
  378. decay
  379. design a toilet seat
  380. shred a newspaper
  381. have a headache
  382. scratch
  383. sniff
  384. hatch an egg
  385. play air guitar
  386. act stupid
  387. spill something
  388. stare
  389. spell
  390. slouch
  391. develop hearing problems
  392. put your feet behind your head
  393. tie everything together
  394. hold your hand
  395. watch the minute hand move
  396. grow long fingernails
  397. pretend you're a telephone
  398. ring
  399. vibrate
  400. skip
  401. play hopscotch
  402. listen to REM cd's
  403. put your shoes on opposite feet
  404. cross your toes
  405. roll your tongue
  406. crystalize something
  407. put vinegar on the floor
  408. hide
  409. attack innocent kittens
  410. declare war
  411. destroy a tree
  412. hide a bag with something in it
  413. wink
  414. memorize the periodic atble
  415. mummify something
  416. repeat step 415
  417. pretend you're at a rodeo
  418. buy a dagger
  419. gain access to an atom splitter
  420. collect electrons
  421. correct typos that aren't there
  422. polish your neck
  423. sell firewood door-to-door in your neighborhood
  424. sell firewood door-to-door in atlantis
  425. found the G.I.O (Gifted Independent Organization)
  426. nuke a chicken
  427. nuke a third world country
  428. build nuclear bunnies
  429. raise proffesional certified turnips
  430. give your grandmother a raise
  431. spell icup
  432. go to a drive-in movie in your tank
  433. go to a non-drive-in movie in your tank
  434. send theodore roosevelt an alarm clock...wind it up first
  435. found a cockroach ranch
  436. send your goldfish to obediance school
  437. send your dog to military school
  438. send your rabbit to art school
  439. fight for toasters' rights
  440. make a tablecloth out of copper wiring
  441. give your cat a suntan...in the microwave
  442. park your car with a friend
  443. park your tank with a friend
  444. frame your first statement of bankruptcy
  445. hang it up in your office
  446. solve the population problem
  447. wear a t-shirt that says "Iron Maiden Rules!!!!"
  448. practice the aztec method of heart removal...on your teacher
  449. find out who invented super glue
  450. give your dagger to someone related to the person who invented super glue
  451. Get the Coca Cola Company and Pepsico to merge...they sell the same stuff anyway
  452. sneak into a nuclear physics lab and stay the night
  453. play with anything that looks intresting
  454. drop piston engines on two people and see who falls down first
  455. repeat step 454
  456. see if you goldfish can live in rootbeer rather than water
  457. try to ignite water...the mississippi might work
  458. draw venn diagrams
  459. say something stupid as if it were a fact (ex:peanuts grow on bushes.)
  460. visit a building famous for its architecture...criticize its design loudly
  461. repeat step 325
  462. wallpaper your laundry room...with pages of your math book
  463. see if diamonds really do cut glass...on everything in your neighbor's house
  464. tenderize your tongue...by chewing on it
  465. see how long you can stare at a fluorescent light...try green
  466. bronze somebody's turtle
  467. see how long it takes them to notice
  468. see what they do when they do notice
  469. bronze them once rthey notice
  470. water a flower
  471. increase your territorial holdings by force
  472. find out how many ways there are to skin a cat
  473. be a threat to the american way of life
  474. do research on WWIII
  475. be a threat to Indian way of life
  476. re-establish the roman empire...in huntington,west virginia
  477. test out ejection seats...on a helicopter
  478. blink widly and then close your eyes tightly for an intresting light show
  479. check the news bulletin at http://evildiaries.synthasite.com
  480. pretend you're a robot
  481. rate people who pass by on their fashio,looks,etc
  482. repeat the same word until it loses it meaning
  483. invent a wierd twitch
  484. watch TV and repeat everything...in an Italian accent
  485. play useless video games
  486. make prank phone calls
  487. pretend all humans will die except for those in the room with you
  488. burn things with a magnifying glass
  489. have a water gargling contest
  490. have a who's less competitive contest
  491. look at things from a dog's point of view
  492. pour water in your hand and make sneeze noises then throw on back of person's neck
  493. take pictures
  494. invent a strange and unusual disease then pretend you have it
  495. read backwards
  496. glue money to a floor
  497. go door to door selling amusing stuff (ex:M & M's,toothpicks,etc.)
  498. draw funny stuff in National Geographic magazines
  499. write a novel
  500. phone your house from your house
  501. make a big ball of ruberbands and tin foil and gum
  502. flip a coin-best 51of 101
  503. build a spaceship out of household appliances and fly!!!
  504. sell weird stuff
  505. write a letter to the governer
  506. hunt down monsters
  507. do magic tricks
  508. look for a ghost
  509. see who can sit the longest
  510. build fairy houses
  511. start a nature scrapbook
  512. make a poster collage
  513. create a new world
  514. start a lemonade stand
  515. play with water guns
  516. climb a tree
  517. organize your own band
  518. learn to play an instrument
  519. pick up litter
  520. read a book
  521. draw something
  522. draw something stupid
  523. surf the internet
  524. update your stock portfolio
  525. check your email
  526. send someone an email
  527. IM with someone
  528. go jogging
  529. make a new friend
  530. sell wheels off of toy cars
  531. go around an watch people do things,try to use mind control and make them do certain things like stop,change direction,etc(there's an average chance this will work)
  532. listen to music
  533. play nintendo ds
  534. play playstation 2
  535. www.gamedmoz.org
  536. go to www.mostfungames.com
  537. go to www.roblox.com
  538. repeat step 520
  539. get buff
  540. stare at a wall
  541. bang a hammer against a wall
  542. eat something
  543. count to one billion
  544. repeat step 484
  545. watch tv
  546. go shopping
  547. go to www.poptropica.com
  548. organize something that's already organized
  549. play gamecube (the ps2 is better,though)
  550. ask questions
  551. ask questions...on www.answers.yahoo.com
  552. repeat step 486
  553. repeat step 552
  554. organize your closest
  555. do your homework
  556. go to www.crazymonkeygames.com
  557. do a 10 page,handwritten report on pedestrians in madagascar
  558. bake
  559. dance to thriller
  560. buy/rent a bunch of movies,buy a buch of candy,pop a whole lot of boy scout popcorn,and enjoy(more fun if you do this with some friends)
  561. stand on your roof
  562. go to www.msn.com and chat with your friends
  563. walk around walmart and annoy the crap out of the employees
  564. go to www.youtube.com and watch videos
  565. go swimming...in november
  566. repeat step 485
  567. answer questions on www.answers.yahoo.com
  568. call the funniest person you know and have a goofy conversation
  569. make a list of words that ryhem with funny
  570. go to www.meetup.com (only if you want to meet people)
  571. got to www.addictinggames.com
  572. fly a kite
  573. learn to knit
  574. stare at a random person
  575. go canoeing
  576. go to the library
  577. go to www.runescape.com
  578. go to www.bebo.com
  579. go to www.freetimewasters.com
  580. watch naruto (naruto is a really cool anime)
  581. watch bleach (another anime)
  582. go to www.video.google.com
  583. go to www.craftster.com
  584. go to www.millsberry.com
  585. check out www.bored.com
  586. go to www.imbored.com
  587. send a letter to somebody named joe
  588. send a letter to yourself and see how long it takes to come back :)
  589. talk to a computer geek
  590. buy a laptop
  591. become a computer geek
  592. go swimming
  593. have a picnic
  594. go to the beach
  595. take a shower
  596. go camping (any time between 2 days and 6 months will do)
  597. make a website
  598. make a blog
  599. dress up funny and take pictures
  600. go to a local museum
  601. adopt an animal
  602. write a letter to a relative that lives far away
  603. write a letter to your favorite magazine
  604. make a new invention that you could get some money off of!
  605. build something out of clay
  606. go on a shopping spree...at dollar general
  607. go to a thrift shop and see if you can find something cool
  608. donate some old clothes to goodwill (tax write-off!)
  609. go to bingo night...with your grandmother
  610. do laundry
  611. have a yard sale
  612. buy an MP3
  613. listen to it
  614. doodle
  615. talk to your friends
  616. write what you're having for lunch (lol,idk)
  617. daydream
  618. pop mint-flavored gum
  619. get a notepad and a few pens/pencils and draw all your friends,pets,trees,and rocks
  620. do a craft
  621. sleep
  622. google "things to do when you're bored"
  623. go to www.20q.net
  624. make bracelets and sell them
  625. go to a theme park
  626. play "rock,paper,scissors"
  627. arm wrestle
  628. thumb wrestle
  629. stacks hands on top of the other,pulling a hand out from the bottom to place it on top
  630. do the same as step 629 only with fists
  631. time things
  632. count by twos,threes,and tens
  633. pick a number between 1 and 10
  634. play "I spy'
  635. play "truth or dare'
  636. go to www.kongregate.com
  637. go to www.i-am-bored.com
  638. go to www.freeonlinegames.com
  639. go to www.armorgames.com
  640. go to www.buzzedgames.com
  641. sleep for 5 minutes
  642. chew gum for 8 hours
  643. go to kenya
  644. at school make an annoying popping sound
  645. teach your shoes spanish
  646. teach your toothbrush french
  647. make a movie titled "My Fight Against the Government"
  648. play twister
  649. repeat steps 1-648
  650. go to www.agame.com